Thursday, August 20, 2015

CCL6 Route and Station Predictions

It has been a year since Stage 4 and 5 of TEL was announced. Judging by annual schedules of LTA events and the looming deadline of the completion of several MRT lines and extensions by 2025, we expect that CCL6 will be announced in August or September this year. Like what we have done for TSL (later renamed as TEL Stage 1-3) and TEL Stage 4-5, here are our predictions for CCL6.

Overall CCL6 Route Map

The first station is CC30, which we anticipate to take over the name Keppel that was originally meant for NE2. Judging from the renders from Architects 61, the entrances to the station will be along Keppel Road. The station itself will most likely be exactly opposite Keppel Distripark, in the midpoint of the route between Harbourfront and Cantonment.

We expect this station to be stacked to facilitate turnouts on the east side of the station. We anticipate that there will be a future extension of CCL6 to serve the new waterfront district in Keppel, once the container terminal moves out by 2027.

CCL6 Station Locations

Source: Architects 61

Next is station CC31, Cantonment. Based on the renders from Architects 61 and locations of soil investigations, we expect the station to be located along Spottiswoode Park Road. This avoids Keppel Viaduct completely, and is likely to have minimal impact on Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. The entrances will most likely be located in front of the former Railway Station and next to Spottiswoode Park.

Source: Architects 61

The last station is CC32, Marina Coastal. Intensive soil investigations have been spotted at Shenton Way Bus Terminal, Palmer House and Bestway Building (former Singapore Polytechnic). A new tender was also launched by LTA for the construction of a new bus terminal, likely to replace the existing one. Hence the station should be located on the area occupied by both the existing bus terminal and Palmer House.


Do stay tuned to this blog as we expect the official announcement very soon. We will put up updates immediately if any news is out.

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