Thursday, October 31, 2013

Soil Investigations

Seems as though soil investigations have been taking place along the probable route for Circle Line 6 thus far. Contract 8370 was for "Site Investigation Works For LTA Projects (11)" and was won by Rock & Lab Pte Ltd. A number of their drilling rigs have been spotted stretching for several kilometers thus far.

About CCL6

Circle Line 6 is the final missing segment for the line to come full circle. Left on the drawing board for several years, the section was not built initially due to what LTA determined as "low demand". The area through which the line would run though, is predominantly a port currently and the commercial viability of building stations along the route are not very favourable at the moment. With the port due to move out by 2027 when the lease expires, it is slowly becoming more feasible to build.

This final section will allow commuters from the western regions to cut through to important business and commercial hubs such as Bayfront and Promenade with ease that the current network lacks. Due to be implemented by a projected date of 2025, there lie 12 years between now and then which is plenty of time for work to commence and complete. To date, it seems that Soil Investigations have been on going.