Saturday, October 25, 2014

Further soil investigations

Soil investigations are back again, this time with very clear indications that it is probably for the Circle Line stage 6.

Inside Bestway building compound

Potentially this is for a station that will serve the portion of Shenton Way that is further south than the current Thomson Line station.

At Shenton Way bus terminal

As an integrated transport hub is planned for Marina South, we believe that this bus terminal will eventually be redeveloped for other use. To tie in with the redevelopment, the MRT station could be situated beneath this plot of land. As this stage of the Circle Line is only expected to be up in 2025, this gives a run time of 11 years to build the transport hub in Marina South and shift the bus services there accordingly before this site is used for construction.

With the above soil investigations, we believe that a station can be situated here. The distance from Marina Bay station is approximately 850 metres.

Showing the spread of Soil Investigations in the area

Showing a predictive station outline in the area

Showing a predictive tunnel alignment from Marina Bay station


  1. Hi,

    Why are you test the soil?. If any big construction come to future?


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